I believe taking small steps towards bigger goal. Hence I am willing to take my photography hobby into the next level by motivating myself by starting this project 365. I am committing myself to bring a photo each day with some techniques used on my DSLR. In the beginning I may stumble, or it may look scary and even might de-motivate. But I am starting this project with a self determination and self motivation. I am hoping that this project could provide me opportunity to look at the world differently, watch for moments to capture, learn new techniques in photography and also learn the skills associated with processing the photos.

I am also providing a link to the article that motivated me to get started the Project365.  I am planning to provide the description of the photo, location and some exif data that was used to achieve the results.

If you would care to follow this blog, I’d love any comments, criticisms and advice all along to grow. I hope you will enjoy and also learn from this. Follow the links below for the photos

Thank you

Day 1/365 – Glass Doll

Day 2/365 – Cycling

Day 3/365 – Glass Yellow/Greenish Flower

Day 4/365 – Sigma 10-20mm


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