Day 86 – Varsha 1st Daughter

Day 86 – Varsha 1st Daughter, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

Here is Varsha my first daughter.


Day 82 – Durga Photos (Auto vs Manual)

Durga Photos (Auto vs Manual), originally uploaded by mssphotos.

Left Side – Auto portrait mode with shutter speed at 1/60, Av at 5.0, ISO 400, E-TTL Flash on.
Right Side – Manual mode, with shutter speed at 1/45, F/6.7, ISO 100, E-TTL flash ON.
Both the photos shot using 70-200 f/4 IS lens. You can notice how the left is over exposed with harsh light. Where as the manual exposure provides full control with fine detail on the idol. I enjoyed shooting this event in Oct 2011