Day 77 – Stair Park Falls

Day 77 – Stair Park Falls, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

Nearby park known as Stair park on the Murray Hill Road, Vestal. This was shot using tripod at Av 16, ISO 100, at 24 mm, Manual focused at 1 sec shutter speed


Day 76/365

Day 76/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

This flower caught my attention with all these polens on it. Shot at 1/45, 100 ISO, aperture at 8.0 at a focal lenght of 105 using 24-105mm f/4 l lens

Day 75/365

Day 75-1/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

With a manual exposure at 1/45, Av 8.0, ISO 100 and at focal length of 50 using 24-105 mm f/4 L lens I shot this flower. I had to get down and even sleep on the ground to get this shot. Increased the lighting using picnik, also the sharpness and applied the frame