Day 36/365

Day 36/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

This is another angle branch of the same tree but used the Selenium tone in the Lightroom. ISO 200, 200mm, F/4.0, 1/45 sec


Day 35/365

Day 35/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

You can notice the spring in this photo. The spring just started and the buds started to open with there flowers. I was able to get a brownish background because of the grass and other plants where were still dry. I got this shot using 70-200mm lens at ISO 200, 200mm, f/4 and 1/90 sec

Day 34/365

Day 34/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

This is another wild flower shot at the backyard of my apartment. This was only flower proudly standing between several trees and was surprised to see its loneliness. I got this shot using the

settings at ISO 200, 189 mm, F/4.0 & 1/125 sec. Played with contrast, brightness and sharpness to get this result. I feel I over did the sharpness in the picnik software which end up getting grainier.

Day 33/365

Day 33/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

There were several geese around the pond in the Otsinengo Park, Binghamton past Sunday on the 4th April. The weather was perfect and we were there for few hours. I was able to get this shot using 70 – 200mm lens set to manual focus with an ISO 200, at 200mm, f/5.6 and 1/350 sec. In the light room I used the Creative Cyanotype and increased the clarity.

Day 32/365

Day 32/365, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

This wild flower was in front of our apartment complex (Meadows apartments at Vestal). The first colorful flower that I noticed this beginning season of the spring. Welcome Spring! The shot was set at

settings. Using 70-200mm lens this was shot at 200mm handheld, f/11, 1/30 and ISO 200. Increased the clarity in the lightroom