Day 31/365 Orange Rose

Day 31/365 Orange Rose, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

This photo was shot about few days back but I had some time to process today. Its shot at ISO 100, 187mm, F/16 at 1/20 sec. The flash was wireless with manual setting set at 1/2 output and set through the umbrella. Tweak the contrast and increased the clarity a little bit. As usual the border is given by flickr Picnik


Day 29/365 Pen&Checkbook on table

Day 29/365 Pen&Checkbook on table, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

I was browsing through stock photography if I could use any for a personal website. Either they were expensive and I did not like the photos. I planned to take out some time to shoot this photo and here is just one of them which shows one of the financial transaction needs. This was shot at ISO 100, 50mm, F/11 and 1/30 sec with wireless flash at 1/8 output.