Day 16/365 Again Snow

Day 16/365 Again Snow, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

Yet another snow storm hits the Binghamton region very badly with about 20 inch accumulation today and tomorrow it is going to be an additional 4 inches.

This gave me a chance to shoot few more snow photos. Here is this one shot is today at about 6 PM in the evening. I just used the

setting and let the camera decide rest for me. It was shot at ISO 200, 160mm, f/4.0, 1/30 sec. Used the sharpening tool in the Light room and also the flickr picnik software. Slightly played with the contrast to achieve this result.


Day 15/365 Tree In the Cold

Day 15/365 Tree In the Cold, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

This shot was taken from the entrance to Binghamton Nature Reserve looking down towards the university campus. This tree was standing in middle of the snow packed curb and caught my attention.

The is was taken using the Sigma 10-20mm lens at 20mm, ISO200, F/16 and 1/45 sec

Day 14/365 Hill Top House

Day 14/365 Hill Top House, originally uploaded by mssphotos.

Hill Top House or the house located on the top of house is on the Bunn Hill Road, Vestal, New York. In 2003 one of my friend showed this house during the winter and it was just beautiful with the snow surrounding it. We had snapped some pictures of this house then and yesturday (21st Feb) I was driving around the Binghamton Nature Preserve of Binghamton University to capture some Geese in action and end up shooting this house.

This is shot using 70-200mm lens at 111mm, ISO200, F/22, 1/45 sec