Product Photography – A Baby’s Step

I was always surprised at the awesome product photo taken by pros and wonder how they could do that. After reviewing few articles and reading some online material I thought of trying for fun. I am doing this only because I love photography and want to learn, enjoy putting something cool. Well, I was debating and postponing this activity for few months now, but this weekend rather today I did find some time to play around my first product photography. First of all I should thank my wife for reminding to throw this microwave box and secondly the mother nature for having cold weather which helped me not to throw that box which eventually turned out to be the experimental box.

It all started with a microwave box which is about dimension 21 (w) x 17 (l) x 13 (h). Seamless white paper in the length of 25 to 30 in. I happen to find the papers that came with one of the packaging. Finally without glue and Salophen tape nothing can be possible. The white paper is glued to the internal surface of the box. I did extended the white paper to the open/closing portion of the box to give additional space for light bounce.

Used a small stand to place this box. Setup the flash 580 EX II for off camera lighting which is in the manual mode with flash output set between 1/2 to 1/8. Tried these flash output settings just to make sure I do not over expose or under expose the shot. I played around with the flash placement as well. I tried firing from top, and side ways. Try as per your convenience and do not restrict to only two choices.
I used a plastic sheet to get reflection of the product but I was unsuccessful. Better luck next time!. So you must be curious to know the product that I shoot, it was Sigma 10-20 mm Lens. Finally I was able to capture some decent pro looking photos. Hope you enjoyed this! Your comments are valuable. Thank you!
Recipe to capture this photo
ISO 200
Flash Output was 1/2
Handheld (Did not use Tripod)
Click here to find more photos on this learning curve

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