Perhaps the reason’s to keep my photography hobby off were my school and my family. My school work is completed and graduated but my daughter keeps us real busy. She is a year and half now.


I started to get back to my hobbies and thought rejuvanating myself with my lost hobby. At the same time one of my colleague transferred his photography bug which I acquired instantly when I peeked at his Canon XSi Digital SLR. His gear was a Canan XSi DSLR with a nifty-fifty lens and added a 70 – 200mm F/4 L lens later. All of these made an excellent advanced amateur photographer’s gear.

I ventured into my lost photography hobby by looking at several websites, reviewing materials and also some personal suggestions from friends. At that time Canon was coming up with T1i which had this inbuilt HD video recording capability, waited for a month and there you go! I had my Canon T1i with HD Video capability. My photography gear is now made up of Canon T1i DSLR, 18-55 F/3.6-5.6 lens that comes with package, bought a nifty-fifty 50mm F1.8 and finally invested in 70-200mm F/4 L IS lens 15 days ago. Although this lens is expensive I bought it because of its picture quality, image stabilization and its worth in retaining its value even years later. BTW I did not give a second thought for other camera brands such as Nikkon, Olympus, Sony, Pentax or others because I had used film SLR from Canon before and my instinct pushed to look for Canon only. This kit setup kick starts like a pro!

DSLR Camera Kit
DSLR Camera Kit

Visit my blog as frequently as possible and enjoy the great tips on photography.  I am a newbie and I depend on the great internet resources to feed my learning curve.

Enjoy! Will see you again